Application Design and Development

shutterstock_144231142Many clients require IT based applications to support their business processes, analytics, and reporting. Some organizations have legacy applications that need to be updated, re-designed, or re-written. Other organizations require new application builds to support specific business needs.

Destiny Corporation designs and develops applications for our clients using the combined expertise of our experienced consultants. We provide our clients with a project lead as their main point of contact to oversee all aspects of design and development. Destiny believes proper design and consensus is critical to ensure the application meets the needs of the business. Destiny completes application design and development according to design documentation. To reduce costs, application development may be completed off-site with on-site milestone checkpoints.

Some of the areas of focus include:

  • All Operating Systems (z/OS, UNIX, Windows)
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Client Server Applications
  • Graphing Applications
  • Object Oriented Application Development
  • Reporting Applications
  • Predictive Statistics
  • SAS Programming
  • Software Programming

Sample Case Studies by Industry:

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