Installation and Configuration

shutterstock_114470638Many organizations purchase software and applications from vendors that need to be installed, configured, and optimized for a client’s environment. Quite often, the skills needed to perform these types of services are not available from the client’s internal team. Most clients seek the expertise of a special services organization, which has a solid background and record of accomplishment in successful execution of these services. Destiny has found over the years that even if client’s internal IT personnel perform the default installation, the configuration parameters do not necessarily yield a highly tuned environment. This is evident in symptoms of poor performance, longer testing cycles, corrupted data, and missing functionality.

Destiny Corporation’s Installation and Configuration Services help drive efficiency, productivity, security and faster return on investment from our client’s solution. Our highly experienced installation consultants will assist in each phase of a successful installation from initial assessment, to design, security, configuration optimization, and a report documenting the work done. This accelerates the time to value of our client’s solution.

Whether performed on-site or remotely, our installation and configuration experts work directly with our client’s teams to define and configure the solution quickly and without interrupting business operations. This expert service also assures optimum, secure performance of the resulting installation and configuration.

Some of the areas of focus include:

  • Disaster Recovery Configuration
  • Documentation
  • Failover Setup and Automatic Back-up
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Load Balancing
  • Performance Tuning
  • Security Authorization and Authentication
  • Stress Testing

Sample Case Studies by Industry:

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