System Architecture and Design

shutterstock_92065760Organizations rely heavily on technology to effectively manage and support their businesses. This dependency has created the ongoing need to have efficient and fine-tuned technology within companies’ internal system architecture and design. Failure to have the necessary support system and framework in place can lead to inefficiencies and potential reduction in productivity.

Many organizations have learned to live with what they have for infrastructure. Long running processes in some organizations can be a way of life as requests and access to data may take days or weeks. Unfortunately, many business units have accepted and become accustomed to these conditions. They have adapted by either reducing the amount of analysis they do, or choosing not to analyze, as getting a timely result, back is not possible with the current infrastructure. While this has become a reality for many business departments, life does not have to be this way, as their competitors have found ways to gain access to data immediately and process in minutes.

Destiny Corporation works with clients to design and implement the ideal environment and architecture that supports business needs with immediate access to data and fast processing. IT processes that execute quickly and efficiently allow the business to get the information when needed to make key decisions for the organization. Destiny’s clients also find a properly designed and tuned infrastructure is much simpler for IT to support.

Some of the areas of focus include:

  • Availability of the Correct Data
  • Dynamic Environments to Support Processing Resources
  • Efficient Processing Techniques
  • Minimizing the Movement of Data
  • Parallel Processing (Grid)
  • Processing Where the Data Lives (In-Database)
  • Proper Access to the Data
  • Removal of All I/O (Input/Output) Bottlenecks

Sample Case Studies by Industry:

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